How does our cooperation work?

Your Idea
Write us the project details via online form.
Framework Agreement
NDA & licenses included (anything we do is yours).
Your Project
Please describe your ideas in more detail and share the documentation.
Give us access to your repository and database.
Introduce us your task list/backlog list.
Outline the amount of your investment.
Price Offer
We prepare a price offer with a time schedule.
Development of Cooperation

We sign the order & agreement and start working

Get your own team of qualified specialists for software development and web apps. We guarantee required capacity, know-how and a high work efficiency by the SLA rules.

We provide outsourcing of developers, programmers, testers and project managers with excellent technology knowledge and business proceeding/processing so you do not have to deal with HR or administration costs related to software development and maintenance. You can obtain developers during a couple of days.

Get most of our capacities and choose the most efficient way for your business.

How does a development work?

  • PHP
  • Java
  • Oracle Database
  • MariaDB
  • MySQL

Programming language PHP

PHP programming is our specialization. It is a very broaden language which serve to create web projects of all sizes.

We focus on frameworks, such as Nette and Symphon, yet we are able to write codes in object or procedural ways, with or without frameworks, in PHP 5.x and PHP 7.x.

We also take over unfinished or partially working projects, fix them or finish them and then mantain them. When we find a lot of errors or a whole unsuitable architecture during the checking, we design new alternatives for next steps - we just help you however your aim is to manage an informative system or more complex web app.

Order your PHP developer today.

Programming language Java

We recommend Java/J2EE for extensive projects, which is suitable for complex and robust solutions.

We also use

  • Spring Framework
  • Hibernate
  • Oracle WebLogic, Apache Tomcat
  • JBoss jBPM

Although we are PHP Developers, Java is not an obstacle.

Database Oracle

For long-term projects, we offer specialists focusing on architecture and administration of databases on Oracle.

We are able to outsource our service for consulting.

PHP Developers also handle Oracle projects.

Database MariaDB

More and more popular Maria DB has found a way to us and we are now testing her, with all benefits and disadvantages, to complete an overall consulting for you.

For now, Maria is compatible with MySQL and in some apps it can save seconds.

PHP develpers know MariaDB, too. Ask if it is suitable for your project.

Database MySQL

MySQL is the most popular open source database around the world and for us is a choice number 1. The majority of our solutions are built upon DB MySQL because we have long-time experience with it.

We design an appropiate database structure for your new application, or we optimilise demands in your current system. We also like to give instructions to developing teams about DB MySQL.

When database, then PHP Developers and MySQL.


Service Level Agreement (guaranteed service contract) is a document containing all the informations of external provided service - its volume, level and content. SLA is a verified and time-proven tool how to manage terms and conditions in outsourcing services. The aim of well-adjusted SLA is to increase customer satisfaction.

The fundamental specification, terms and conditions in SLA

  • Customer (purchaser), Provider
  • Service description, price
  • Responsibility specification
  • Service volume
  • Reports and results checking method
  • Reaction time definition
  • Payment methods
  • Rules for changing a provider
  • Collaboration terms
  • Infringement sanctions


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